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  1. Calls it Like I sees it says:

    Well, Apple is doing something right, b/c they are making money and have a whole bunch of people who hate Apple and/or the iPhone talking about it. Which in turn is more marketing for them (even if it is negative, I don’t own one but now I want one more than ever b/c it pisses simple minded people off.)

    Go Apple! Fuck haters!

  2. techwitch says:

    hmm, forgot that the stone is waterproof and works only until thrown into a volcano

  3. george says:

    iPhone lacks these features, and others, but it does all that it does do so well that it doesn’t really matter. That’s why anyone who’s never had/used one would consider it a waste of money, but iPhone users looove them. You try finding a browser like mobile safari on any other phone. Plus the third party apps/games are sick!

  4. rhythm says:

    haha. that was down right sexy

  5. C Anderson says:

    You COULDN’T do this with most smart phones and PDAs, thats why its funny. The Iphone is not some revolution, its just that Apple Fanboys didn’t know about PDAs and smartphones before the Iphone dropped. My PDA has more features then the Iphone, and its 2 years older.

  6. dav0995 says:

    I think some major factors have been missed here such as the, “beating someone over the head test” where the stone is clearly better and also the “skipping across water test” where the phone while flat and a nice shape could only manage 2 skips where the stone an impressive 7. Oh and it’s sooooooo shopped.

  7. audiobastard says:

    seriously, the iphone is a pda for people who don’t want to think. A simple features comparison will force you to draw the conclusion that htc and nokia are far superior in every dimension. Also, you are necessarily required through deductive reasoning to make the inferential claim from the true premises that under all like circumstances…. one must concede….. … this pic is photoshopped.

  8. thraxy says:

    WOW where can I get the iStone?

  9. This is complete bullshit, although the IPhone 3G does not have those features, the iPhone 4G ( website link ) WILL, i repeat, WILL have video recording, memory card (SD) and more. I really do not feel like listing the new features, you can just check out the site above.

  10. Brendan says:

    What makes this even better is when I was scrolling down there was an ad for an iPhone screen protector.

  11. Connor says:

    Wow Apple Inc. iPhone Coordinator, i saw new iphones sellin as low as $50 on your site!! Thank’s a lot dude, i just got 2, one for my brother and one for me. So far they are working incredibly well! The shipping was free as well, what a steal! Thanks Apple Inc. iPhone Coordinator!!! Ill put the site up again for anyone else to see the cheap sales and awesome iphones!! Thanks again!

  12. vega says:

    Stolen from Maddox

  13. Бовер says:

    ржу не могу))) iphon 5))))

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