This woman is allowed to vote in America!

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  1. Mike says:

    She’s your typical democrat…..If her brains were cotton, there wouldn’t be a sufficient amount to craft a Kotex for a pissant. She is also a great tribute to the American system of education.
    Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.
    At least I will soon be able to enjoy a Mooseburger at “Sarah’s Cafe – Hair Salon- Eyeglass Emporium – Gun and Ammo Depot.” Only in America. C’mon Scotty, let’s get with it on the transporter.

  2. Carl says:

    I have been to the UK several times. Next time I’ll do an interview of a poor drunk bastard on any topic.

  3. lenore says:

    Good grief. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m American.

  4. M.T says:

    This is NOT surprising AT ALL. 70% of the American’s have the same level of intelligence .It’s sad BUT it’s the truth 🙁 And that is why Bush gets to run this country twice. To all American’s open your eyes for god sake and look what is going on in Washington. And to the visitor who made the comment of (we are the richest country in the world) then lets use our own resources instead of sucking the blood of other nations. You are wondering why the rest of the world hate USA?

  5. Karine says:

    Unfortunately they are from Redneck country – and a majority of them vote Republican. No wonder Bush could pull the wool over their eyes .. Must be tough to have the IQ of a carrot ….
    I used to have respect for Republicans – however considering how the operate, steal and lie and rob us blind- I have lost all respect for these criminals .. What gets me is that the people do not take it to the streets and get rid of these Houligans at the White House .. The latest bailout is the biggest Scam we have ever seen – It put an end to democracy !

  6. 1984 says:

    Sheesh. Lucky most people ain’t like this. She is dumb and uninformed and a lot of the last part is because of politicians constantly lie to the American population.

  7. Jennifer says:

    well, i dont think she has a driver’s license – hopefully she doesnt know what her social is. so then she cant register – even if she knew how. oh wait. she’s probably on welfare – so she must know her social.

  8. Lantz says:

    Oh please, the ONLY way this woman or her men would ever vote is for McCain’s cronies to offer them a free pack of cigarettes and a 6-pack of cheap beer. Hmm, maybe that’s how Bush got voted in twice.

  9. Jeff Foxworthy says:

    If you can fit two men, your dog, a woman, a 12 pack of Budweiser, and a carton of cigarettes on your 4-wheeler…… might be a redneck.

  10. Alyssa says:

    I’m almost positive, she can’t read.Hahaha, i dont know about you guys’but my president is black.:Dshe makes me ashamed to say i’m american.for real.

  11. Sooky La La says:

    Comment from: Proud to be an American [Visitor]
    First, shame on you that profess to be americans and say you are ashamed of this country. You don’t like, LEAVE. Go try living in another country.

    The whole point of this, which most of you are missing is, are you ready?

    This is a free country, no one trys to tell us how to think or how to live. As long as we are not harming anyone, we can do what we like, say what we please, disagree with anyone -(even our president) and not have to worry about being jailed, killed, etc…

    Sorry but no other country is like this. None. Some may come close, but are not at our level.

    Strange when you think about it, whenever there is disaster, who his there to help out? Hmmm, America, we send food, money, people to help.

    How many other countrys do that all the time?


    Um… Australia does. Along with many other countries

  12. gaetano says:

    You dickwads have no business talking about this women,being a drunk or any thing else.You democrats are picking a vice president who is noted for being a drunk.How could you talk about the way she talks,she is from the part of the country where her slang comes into effect.I`ll give you one to remember.I`m from pensylvania,moved to texas in the 60`, when I got here I traveled through Houston,Tx.I tried to get directions from a black policeman. I could not understand a word he said.I never heard any thing like it in my life.There is not a black person in Tx. that could be understood.But all in all this lady seems to be having a good time.yes she is drunk,so what? she looks to me like she likes living her lifestyle. That is more then I could say about the drug infested ,big city,assholes,who don`t know how to vote,or for that matter can`t even read nor write their own name.One thing is for sure ,she is sure right about one thing,this country is really fu**up to see a black muslam runnig for president and idiots like you voteing for him.GIVE ME A BRAKE!!!!!

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