This woman is allowed to vote in America!

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  1. tom says:

    does it look like they are having a hard time no they are having fun you idiots think all people from the hills are the same but you in the cities are the fucked up idiots they those people have it made sure they are mostly poor they breath cleaner air eat fresh vegies drink pure water and i will be moving back soon and o yes please keep thinking that every one there runs around all day getting drunk on 4 wheelers and acting like them because that keeps the real idiots like you away away and please make a few more movies like wrong turn and deleverince that also keeps idiots away people from the hills have bigger hearts than anyone

  2. Mr Flibberly says:

    Hey she knows that Spain’s is one of our allies – unlike McCain!

  3. Nik says:

    I think she should be president.

  4. Marky says:

    Is that a gas-powered llama they’re riding on?

    Anyone know where I can get one?

  5. jay says:

    Chances are she has always voted domocrat.

  6. jay says:

    This is how Bill Clinton became president.

  7. Dick Smart says:

    While shocking at first because of her incredibly strong accent, this video isn’t that big a deal upon reflection. First of all, the lady is not as stupid as some commenters allege. More importantly, most of you are clearly judging her because of her accent and speaking style. I admit, it makes her sound like a scary backwoods idiot. But it’s prejudice to judge someone based on their accent, right? Are we not revealing our own flaws when we do so? A transcript of this interview would not get the same strong reaction as the video is getting.

    So what is fair game is the actual content of her little tirade. She’s fixated on Obama’s middle name, no doubt about that. And you can say that she’s stupid for thinking he would be sympathetic to our enemies because of it. But is that really so preposterous that some might think this? The man does share a name with Saddam Hussein – the very person we went to war with. Naturally a few less enlightened people are going to say, “hey what the hayell?”. Besides, war doesn’t make sense no matter what angle you view it from, so why should this woman’s lack of understanding be so stunning.

    Don’t be chicken shit and overlook the (relatively) impressive things she said. She voted for Hillary Clinton (come on, a lot of you who judged her in two seconds would have bet money she was a full blown Red Stater) and she objected when the other passenger called Obama a ‘nigger lover’ by saying, “Black ain’t got nothing to do with it.”

    Lastly, to the handful of asswipes who had the gaul to say that this is typical America – just go away. Your jealousy of our country is embarassing. Plus it just isn’t true. I’ve travelled all across this country (and abroad) and the people in this video are not typical America. Grow up.

  8. The Walter says:

    @Dick Smart: Yes. Impressive that she voted for Hillary. She has demonstrated a clear ability to pick a candidate that is not viable.

    Your right, her accent makes her look country (as opposed to urban), where these kind of views are much more prevalent. And she looks like a drunk, which also fits the demographic of someone with her views.

    You see, this IS America. Not the urban America from the cities (where Obama thrives), but the small town America that is just FILLED with people just like her. They are proud and they are ignorant.

    You say you’ve travelled all across the country. Have you really spent a lot of time with the people in small towns?

  9. Bill says:

    in America, our natural entitlement allows us to not have to think

  10. Karl Rove says:

    Makes me ashamed to be an American.

  11. Scott says:

    She’s probably voting for Palin now.

  12. pAUL says:

    If I want to watch comedy on the net I turn to interviews with americans on any issue requiring intelligence and truth.

  13. George says:

    Typical Democrat. Hahaha!

  14. Richard says:

    Please. Someone put this woman out of her misery. Or at least ours.

  15. Canuck says:

    I am happy I am Canadian. Not to put any stereotypes, but not all Americans are like this. The questions you have to ask yourselves is: What is the proportion of people in the states who are like this? How many people in the states are racist? and most importantly: is she intoxicated?

  16. Ahmed says:

    SERIOUSLY we need to implement an mini BASIC IQ test + politics quiz BEFORE anyone places their ballot!!!

  17. clarknt67 says:

    Please don’t judge all Americans by this idiot. I am an American and horrified to share a citizenship with people like this.

  18. Max says:

    Many of these comments are just as arrogant, prissy, and dripping with self-indulgance as the video itself. This woman is out of her mind, but hypocisy is just as ugly a thing no matter what country you live in.

  19. MissKnowitAll says:

    The sun set on the British empire a long time ago. GET OVER IT!

    Oh and….
    The 1600’s called, it wants its useless overfed, rotten toothed monarchs back!

  20. Proud to be an American says:

    First, shame on you that profess to be americans and say you are ashamed of this country. You don’t like, LEAVE. Go try living in another country.

    The whole point of this, which most of you are missing is, are you ready?

    This is a free country, no one trys to tell us how to think or how to live. As long as we are not harming anyone, we can do what we like, say what we please, disagree with anyone -(even our president) and not have to worry about being jailed, killed, etc…

    Sorry but no other country is like this. None. Some may come close, but are not at our level.

    Strange when you think about it, whenever there is disaster, who his there to help out? Hmmm, America, we send food, money, people to help.

    How many other countrys do that all the time?

    And one last thing, We may not agree on everything here in America, But bloody our nose and find out how much we will pull together and put our differences aside to go after the common enemy.

  21. jake says:

    I just wish my country would explode so that the rest of the world may survive

  22. hahahahahahaha says:

    Hahahahaha two men and a woman and a dog, on a fourwheeler talking politics! Hillarious!!!!

  23. ron says:

    You can find morons in every country and it looks like we found them here. If ignorance is bliss, this woman and her friends must be in ecstasy.

  24. Wikitopian says:

    She knows that Spain is our ally, which makes her one step ahead of McCain 🙂

  25. american_rat says:

    A product of Sean Hannity listenner…Thanks for doing America a favour..dumb ass pple.

  26. Trent says:

    This is horrible, and on top of that-it
    doesn’t matter if she’s a democrat or
    a republican. Most likely the only reason
    she says she was going to vote for Hillary
    was because Hillary is a woman. Also both
    Obama and McCain are unsuitable canidates.
    But, they are the only ones we have. Just
    like Bush and Kerry and about every other
    election in our history. There is very
    little hope don’t get me wrong both canidates
    have their merits; however, neither of which
    have the pure will, know-how, integrity,
    insticts, and skill that it takes. I hate to
    do this; however, this is a election
    between a douche and a turd sandwich.

    what I find really funny is somewhere
    in history. What democrat and republican.
    Stood for have flipped. Democrats now stand
    for what republicans use to and Repulicans
    have done the same. Politics is not only
    dirty but it also goes which ever way the
    wind may blow it. All I can say, is please
    vote for who ever will do the best job. Use
    and know the facts, and trust your gut.
    Also I’d probably say this person or that
    person is better but neither of these
    canidates shines so just choose the one who
    will do the least damage

    also obama smarter than mccain. however,
    obama leaves me with a bad feeling.
    we’ll see how history unfolds. But with
    McCain I know what I’m in for another Bush
    administration. More big business. More
    political raping of our economy. I don’t
    know what would come if Obama won, something
    about him I don’t trust. And I don’t trust
    McCain. But with McCain I know how it will
    turn out. With Obama it’s like rolling dice
    but If you need 6’s to win. there’s a good
    chance you won’t.

  27. B says:

    no brains really

  28. Stan says:

    Fuck all of you anti-Americans!
    Your all more screwed up than we are and you bash the US??? I just don’t get it!
    Next time you bash Americans take a look over your shoulder before you type.
    If we were any different you Europeans and asians would all be either wearing German uniforms or be 6 foot under or something in that sense.
    USA is the land of the “BRAVE”! Brave enough to take a stand you dirty motherfucks who are so perfect!
    Go fuck yourself and call HUGO when you have a problem next time.

  29. Kealy says:

    Oh dear God.

    What the heck IS that thing?

    Really, anything like those three things in ttha that video need to be rounded up and shot.
    Yeah. Executed.

    We don’t need sub-human filth like those
    redneck freaks soiling our planet.

    When that “woman” opened its mouth and
    started to “talk”…I felt a decent amount
    of anger knowing that people like this are
    allowed to live and voice their opinions.

    (“People like this” = uninformed racist,
    bigoted morons.)

  30. Andru says:

    OK… no these people do not represent the US in general. I am sure little villages in Greece aren’t full of the most educated people.

  31. real name says:

    Why didn’t we let the south secede? WHYYYYY?!?

  32. Jonathon says:

    Uhmm…I wasn’t aware anyone has voted on the future president yet…apparently the teacher above needs to give a grammar lesson on tenses…

  33. Jonathon says:

    By the way…I don’t think America is all that great…I am American sadly…desu…

  34. Jonathon says:

    I have read more comments and feel that I need to make a 3rd comment.

    This mainly concerns the poster from above “Proud to be an American”

    Shame on you. You filthy filthy hypocrite. You say that America is free and no one tells us how to live. You just entirely defeated any merit you had. You are trying to tell me how to live my life. Shame on you. You obviously don’t love America or you would respect our RIGHT TO FREE SPEACH…filthy disgusting hypocrite!

  35. Curt Ellis says:

    What amazes me is that every post to this video ASSUMES that it is factual. Because it looks real, sounds real, has every possible visual resemblance of being real and factual, then it is.

    Please invest some time at for some education.

  36. Xr35 says:

    For those non-Americans calling U.S. citizens like these, “studid,” please note their racial composition, European in origin. For those American citizens who are in shock, didn’t you know this is the type of people that U.S. citizens of color have always had to deal with? Unfortunately, these “cracker” types exist in the U.K, Australia and New Zealand as well. G-d save us all.

  37. Helen says:

    Wow, lot of American bashing going on in this thread. I guess we’ll let it go since we are the richest country in the world. Oh, and when you Euros get in another world war, just give us a buzz and we’ll save you from yourselves,and then bail out your entire continent.
    If there is a disaster, give us a call, we’ll send the best doctors in the world to help you.
    When you embrace Keynes and Marx, give us a call and we’ll buy your exports ( and still exceed you output and GDP growth decade over decade over decade).
    When you can’t do anything about the aids epidemic in Africa, give us a call and President Bush will send over millions, which you cannot do, because of your socialist economies.
    Send us your children,we will educate them at MIT, Harvard, Ohio State, Florida state, or any of the other finest colleges in the world.
    And you can even continue to bash us,
    But would you do us one minor favor, please, just say thank you every chance you get to the men who lost grandfathers and fathers and sons and brothers helping you to defeat Hitler? Helping you French to disentangle from Southeast Asia, and carrying the load ourselves? We all know I could go on don’t we?

    And yet another misinformed, uneducated American speaks with bullying force.

    You are not the richest country in the world – witness the 700 billion bailout needed on Wall Street and (surprise, surprise) money injected from economies around the globe to save your over-inflated homes and greedy consumerism.

    WWII was not an effort the USA supported until after they got bombed in Pearl Harbour. The “Allies” had been fighting together for the cause long before your country showed up.

    The USA does not have the best education system in the entire world and I would urge you to educate yourself and learn about the world from a global perspective before you start making assumptions.

    You talk about Europeans saving eachother from themselves but we all know I could go on about Americans, right?

  38. Hurghhhh says:

    Good times. 90% of Americans aren’t like this, but the 10% who are wield incredible electoral power. Thank you, antiquated electoral system.

    and for the fruity Europeans who think otherwise, you know as much about our system of government as Americans do of the European Union.

  39. wtfhax says:

    It’s worth remembering that this alcoholic redneck embarrassment understands Spain is our ally. John McCain does not.

  40. Pierre-Henri de Montefoix says:

    Gotta love Stan’s post!
    The poor boy doesn’t seem to understand that it’s because of comments like that that America is the most hated country in the world. And going back to more than 60 years ago to try making a point show how much desperate, ill-informed and clueless you are.

    A nation full of people who believe that they’ve achieved the best actions, that they’re so powerful that none should have the right to criticize them, that everyone should have a pray to the (not so) mighty dollar.

    A “surrender monkey” (that’s the way you would refer to me) is talking to you Stan: I’m sorry for you, I know it was actually your mother on that video, and one of those men was also your dad, and your uncle at the same time. It’s up to you however, to guess which one it is.

  41. John says:

    Dear shovel. Speaking (as I often do) on behalf of the rest of the world, I thank you for your apology. And not every anti-american rant on this site reflects our views.

  42. ehhhhhh says:

    hey, she brings up a good point.

  43. The 2-Belo says:

    I’d be willing to bet there are people just like this in Yorkshire.

  44. odd things says:

    I have heard that Europe is laughing at us for having him as a canidate.

  45. trev says:

    It’s too bad we didn’t simply let the South secede. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about people like this voting in our elections anymore.

  46. SA says:

    Yeah, just look the subtitle of this website
    : ‘Reviews by monkeys for monkeys’

    Get a grip people. Not everyone is like that, hence the reason the video is so ludicrous. Stop being a monkey and move on.

  47. taco says:

    wonder if they went and had a threesome in the trailer after the interview..

  48. Bob says:

    To be honest, she should team up with another expert on the matter:

    Miss Teen USA 2007!

  49. ninja says:

    stupid woman but even more stupid to assume every American thinks like this. ζητητης you are an idiot.

  1. September 27, 2008

    Barack Hussein Obama Dook Der Jobs (Because he is Muslim)
    Barack HUSSEIN Obama is MUSLEM and I have living proof. One of my fellows hobos from Hobo land says that Barack Hussein Obama is a muslin and you know she’s right cuz she’s on an ATV and those are from AMERICA. And just like America we shou…

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