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  1. sJa says:

    Venus.. venus.. venus..

  2. Blarstawa says:

    Dude i am going to see you look for a guy that looks like sid from skins thats me 😉

  3. Alan says:

    Crazy yet cool.

  4. Dale says:

    This man is the one who will deliver us all. Praise him!

  5. Ricardo Coelho says:

    This is absolutely brilliant stuff. I want one of these too!

  6. Qen BirQeni says:

    I give the guy props for having the balls to put this up. Otherwise: douchebag!

  7. me says:

    This was really good. I promptly posted it all over facebook. 😀

  8. me says:

    Your hair is greasy.

  9. sir loin says:

    You, sir, win many internets.

  10. Jew says:

    I was pleasantly diverted from my otherwise dull existence by this trivial piece of entertainment.

  11. MGdesigner says:

    It’s damning Awesome!

  12. Haley says:


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