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Hello people!  I’ve moved from b2evolution to WordPress as i think its a better blogging system. (Although both have their strong points!)

When i started Monkey Review it was with a friend to get free tickets for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That was incredibly unsuccessful and we reviewed a total of 0 shows!  Although we did manage to blag tickets to Eurobeat the Musical by asking every person with flyers for free tickets at The Pleasance Bar in Edinburgh whilst drinking cheap lager!  Then it was a Joomla website which was a little too much work.

I decided to moved it to a blogging system, when i had started to use the site as a place for great stuff i found on the net, and i was swayed by b2evolutions lovely built in statistics.  I liked b2evolution but i had one problem.  The problem was when found a video of a someone covering The Final Countdown on the Kazookeylele! This was incredibly popular (having over 200,000 hits!) and crashed my website and the server.

Why did this happen? well nothing was cached and the site was rebuilt on each request.  My website just couldn’t handle all these hits and so melted.

I asked my host what happened and they said that i was using too much of the cpu…..  i optimised my sql tables and cleared the session logs.

It still kept on crashing…  there was no super cache style plugin for b2evo so i could do nothing.

This along with the fact that i’m too lazy to write a theme for my website myself means that i’ve moved the website to a wordpress installation!

It wasn’t an easy process and a lot of data had to be transferred by hand (my php scripting is a bit rusty) but i’ve finally completed it and this is the result!

Hope you like it.

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