Loose Women

Loose women is a terrible tv show in the uk….. as you can see!

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3 Responses

  1. Chas Holloway says:

    Must we be subjected to these overpaid women five days a week. The ITV is axing really good shows to keep this rubbish on air. Who want’ts to hear about scruffy Carols sex life or lack of it. Come on ITV chief “and we know who that is” give us a break from this or stick it on a freeview channel at 4 in the morning

  2. tomjakat says:

    4 ridiculously stupid people making stupid observations based around stupid topics. Geuinely the most awful show on TV. I find it physically repulses me. And that bit where they get a young guy on and drool over him? What’s that about? How upsetting.

  3. Mary James says:

    I think loose women are a product of a stiff necked, wayward culture that is hurting Britian and the west. The ways of the past. Change your mindset, you have a mental illness. We know what it’s called. The comment about immigrants (wishing for the old Britain, dream on, times have moved on.) My grandfather was an Englishmen who went to Africa in the 19 century, searching. He had five children with my African/black granny and now I have come to stay in grandpa’s land. Loose women get educated, history speaks all around you. Infact get off the telly, you spreading your hate campaign, is even more unhealthy for Britain.

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