What The F*ck is Twitter?

So we heard about this Twitter thing and decided to sign up to see what the f*ck it was all about…
http://twitter.com/MonkeyReview is our Twitter page..

So we signed up to the “suggested users” twitter told us too and searched for a few minor celebrities that we know are using twitter..

Paul DanielsPaul Daniels was a famous magician a long time ago…. but he’s since done sweet f.a. on TV.  The last thing i remember was when Louis Theroux met him and his wife…..  that was an interesting show!

what delights does Paul inform us off in twitter?

Did you know that old gardeners used to pee into big glass bottles, dilute it 50/50 and sprinkle it on the lawn and it killed moss?

Crikey, Now I am tweeting gardening tips. Next I will become an Agony Aunt. Perhaps Agony Uncle would be better.

Don’t think I live on here. I was passing by on the way to the vacuum cleaner!

Debbie is now back from the gym so I will go and pretend to be working. Re fingers and thumbs. Just go slowly. Speed up later. ‘bye

Ah, there’s the dinner gong. Debbie, the chef, will be in full evening dress so I had best make an effort. Now, where’s my dickie

Yes that’s right…  pretty much nothing…. although it leaves me with the impression that Paul is quite a lonely old man walking about his big empty house twittering away whilst his wife is out “exercising” at the gym…

I love the idea that every night she cooks dinner in “full evening dress” and lays it on the table and down the stairs comes Paul in a full suit with a bow tie… not just your standard fake bow tie but a proper one that tied properly!

Paul has over 10,000 people following his twittering…

It was here i suddenly understood what all the fuss about twitter was…

Nearly everyone has used some sort of social network site before…. Facebook, Myspace even maybe Friendster!  What makes Twitter different is that you don’t become friends with anyone you “follow” them….

So Twitter has basically allowed people to peek into “celebrities” lives and…. talk with them!

Imagine that a real life celebrity actually sending a message to you!

lookin magazinejust17 magazine
No longer do you have to write to magazines to get your favourite pop star to answer your question!  You don’t even have to be a teenage girl to write your questions…

and that’s the whole point of twitter…. you can talk to celebrities and they can answer you…  no more embarrassment in the newsagents whilst you pretend that your buying Just 17 and NME are for your sister, rather than to find out if Madonna likes to have 1 or 2 sugers in her coffee…

Even the most minor of celebrities have thousands of people following them… imagine all these washed up celebrities sitting at home bored* given the opertunity to let their long lost fanbase they can give them money (i.e. buy their shit) whilst boosting their long deflated egos.

We’re fans of twitter now and we’re off to find out what Paul is up to now!

*MonkeyReview do not feel that Paul Daniels is a “washed up celebrity who is sitting at home bored”


Paul’s off to bed!

So all in all a really good day. And now to attack my bed… I deserve my beauty sleep.. and I KNOW I need it. Love to all. xxx to ladies

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