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Wanna Feel Old?

Site review time…..

So you wanna feel old? This site will make you…..

did you know….
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap’s first episode aired twenty years ago. There have been no new episodes for fifteen years.

Also, it was *set* in the year 1999. That’s right, Quantum Leap was set ten years ago. How science has failed us.


Ghostbusters came out a Quarter of a Century ago

and finally….

“The Beatles released “She Loves You” on the 23rd August 1963. Sid Vicious died on the 2nd February 1979. That’s 16 1/2 years in which most of Britain’s rock history went on…

…It’s also the same amount of time since Ace Of Base released ‘The Sign’.”

I feel old!!!! but i like this blog and will be following it and i think you should too unless your a young whipper snapper!

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