Wanna Feel Old?

Site review time…..

So you wanna feel old? This site will make you….. http://wannafeelold.tumblr.com

did you know….
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap’s first episode aired twenty years ago. There have been no new episodes for fifteen years.

Also, it was *set* in the year 1999. That’s right, Quantum Leap was set ten years ago. How science has failed us.


Ghostbusters came out a Quarter of a Century ago

and finally….

“The Beatles released “She Loves You” on the 23rd August 1963. Sid Vicious died on the 2nd February 1979. That’s 16 1/2 years in which most of Britain’s rock history went on…

…It’s also the same amount of time since Ace Of Base released ‘The Sign’.”

I feel old!!!! but i like this blog and will be following it and i think you should too unless your a young whipper snapper!

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