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The country of Argentina is made up of emigrants of many many different countries…. but they speak Porteño Spanish! So the combination of Spanish names and other countries can make some funny combinations!!!

Say hello to Mr Alfonso Prat Gay!

Mr Alfonso Prat Gay

Mr Alfonso Prat Gay

He’s currently running for a political position in Buenos Aires…
but the best thing about Mr Alfonso Prat Gay is that as he is “Spanish” his family name is actually Prat and his mothers maiden name is Gay so his name in English would be…..
Mr Alfonso Gay Prat!!!!

Say hello to…..
Mr Juan Carr

Juan Carr

Juan Carr

Juan is the brilliant combination of an Irish surname with a Spanish first name making the complete…. Juan Carr!!!
He is the president of Red Solidaria which seems to have something to do with River Plate Football club.

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  1. Alec Deblanc says:

    At least in argentina, we prove by our surnames our legitimate european ancestry, unlike the rest of central america that has names such as “William Perez” or “Jennifer Lopez” or “Michael Mendoza”

    that’s actually hillarous.

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