Cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia are cute….

They look like they’re drunk!!!

some more info about the video….

This is a short video of my two cats, Oliver and Elliot. I adopted them in February 2008 from a group in NYC called Kitty Kind. Both cats were born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) because their mother had distemper when she was pregnant with them. They are two out of a litter of four (all born with the disability). While they have some unusual ways of doing things, they are mostly normal cats.

To provide a little more information about the current state of the kitties:

This video was filmed almost a year ago (it just sat on my camera until I had time to chop it up a little) and the cats are actually much stronger now. They can pull themselves onto the sofa or the bed using their claws! Also, with the extra strength, they’ve gotten better at landing. Oliver can actually land on his feet and avoid hurting himself and Elliot has figured out how to slide off of things so that he gets his front paws down first. I’ve also added a large area rug in front of the couch, which gives them minimal cushioning but, more importantly, also gives them something to dig their claws into and stabilize themselves.

Sometime, I will add an updated video that shows their progress.

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