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Its the smallest car in the world!

Meet the Peel P50 the worlds smallest car!
4783_image001It is only 54 inches long(1370mm) and 41 inches wide(1040mm). It weighs in at a tiny 59kg(130lbs) and only 50 were ever produced…


That man getting into the car is Jeremy Clarkson, He’s 6 foot 5…. thats 196 cm tall for you metric people…..


He fitted into this car and drove it around London…


Its not very fast…. it can only go about 40 mph but it can do roughly 100 miles per gallon of petrol!



The only problem with the car is it doesn’t have a reverse gear…. but its so light you can carry it about..



Here is a nice video of the Peel p50 and also the follow up Peel Trident (a 2 person mini car!)

some more links for info….

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