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YouTube Rap feat. Pockets(Kazookeylele kid) and Michael Cera!

Vanilla Ice Raptastic!

A little while back, I was kicking back, chewing the fat,
In a flash of inspiration made a YouTube Rap,
But I got slapped, violation of copyright,
So here’s Mark II, I’m gonna do this one right!

In just two years so much here has changed,
The screen got bigger and the quality’s insane,
Yet despite the new, all the weird and the strange,
The reasons for watching, they still remain.

Barats and Bereta – Meerkats eating feta?!
No Barats and Bereta, you gotta listen better.
They took some time out but now they’re back in the game,
Bible bashing, advertising, going insane.

And LisaNova, now she’s hot,
Sarah Palin was amazing, really liked that a lot,
I’d like to come to the states, I’d like to hang with your crew,
In fact, forget your crew, let’s just hang me and you!

And who’s that guy, now I’ve forgotten his name,
You know he stops and he stutters and he’s slightly insane,
Strange thoughts going on his brain,
‘My name is DaxFlame.’

Smosh! Smosh! Yes We Can!
You got more subscribers than the population of Bhutan,
Unfortunately I’ve lost my rhythm,
Cos that last line had too many syllables!

Now I’m getting physical, lyrical, so hear me y’all,
All players and pimps quite gettin so cycnical,
No doubting this route is incredible, commendable,
I’ll get to the point this rap is unforgettable.

And Oh My God Fred, I nearly forgot,
How annoying you can be but people like you a lot,
To be honest this style has got me bothered and hot,
Can we slow it down a bit? Phew, thank God!

Waverley Films, I like you the most,
Trick or treat, nerve, do you wanna buy a ghost?
And Rhett and Link don’t stink,
They’re running through my mind when I think.

A cow giving birth to a dude,
Lyrical brilliance admittedly crude,
Everyday normal guy,
Evolution of dance,
I played Kazookylele and I jizzed in my pants!

Chris Crocker, what the buck, and the potter puppet pals,
You gotta get down with the booty shakin girls,
You can try as you might but you won’t do this better,
Excuse me I got a dance off, with Michael Cera!

So let’s show some love, let’s show some respect,
I honestly believe that I ain’t seen nothing yet.
This virtual stage, the infinite audience,
Future generations will look back and applaud us.

And to those who say we’re nothing like TV,
Well they’re correct we’re better.
The real artistic forces are living here,
YouTube is the new creative centre, and it’s only getting better.

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