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Spoilers make your car faster


This one doesn’t look too bad but it is a bit silly but the rest are crazy!


6 fake exhausts and a silly spoiler makes this car faster!


This one goes so fast that they needed to add a second spoiler on top of the original and one on the roof for maximum downforce to keep all the hosepower on the asphalt !


You want a spoiler but are scared people might think you have a small penis because of it…. well… make a small spoiler and tape it onto your car!


This looks more like the guy stole a park bench and stuck it on his boot (trunk for you yanks)


This car already has a small spoiler but its just not big enough!!!


Nothing better than investing a fortune on a proper racing spoiler and bolting it onto a shit car!


This is obviously the guys dad is away for the month so better not make anything permanent to his car… cardboard and tape will sort it out tho! he’ll be getting all the chicks with that car!


Get the biggest exhaust you can and then cut a crate into bits and you can attach it to your car with some poles and you then have a kick ass car! shame the back door must have fallen off…… well its just added weight… who wants extra weight on a car!


old Honda Civics were known for not having enough downforce at the back…. this solved the problem!


This is a pro job!


Wooden spoiler and huge exhaust for the win!


He couldn’t afford the huge exhaust


Seeing out of your back window is overrated anyway!



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4 Responses

  1. TheGabe says:

    The Civic would look good if the spoiler was the same colour as the car, and I can’t see anything wrong with the Impreza- it looks pretty sweet.

  2. qwerty says:

    I love it when people put spoilers on front wheel drive cars.

  3. derp says:

    the spoiler on the subaru STI is not aftermaket, it comes from the factory

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