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Michael Jackson stole his moves from Bob Fosse

just look at that….. Bob Fosse is the man in that video from the 1974 film The Little Prince
Its blatantly obvious that someone is influencing someone else 😉

RIP Michael and Bob!
p.s. Billie Jean was added after.. the original is after the jump

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3 Responses

  1. SomeRandomBloke says:

    MJ stole his dance moves from bob fosse?
    Yeah…I heard he stole some moves from Gary Glitter too (but please don’t post that!)

  2. forest mars says:

    It’s amazing how Fosse’s influence on Michael Jackson went largely unacknowledged, at least outside the “dance world,” for most of his life– until someone posts this one Little Prince video to a blog and BAM! It’s all. over. the. Internet.

    So much so I’m at a loss to even see who posted this gem first.

    This film by the way is absolutely priceless. Literally, since it was for the longest time unreleased on Beta, VHS, Laserdisc, etc. After topping my list of most wanted films for well over a decade it was finally released on DVD in 2004.

  3. all that jazzed-up says:

    okay, so i was watching “the little prince” today which i hadn’t seen since i was about 5 yrs old, when i saw bob fosse doing his snake in the grass number….i was shocked when i realized his moves looked very familiar, he looked like michael jackson. So i started to look up who choreographed that movie, well we all know it was bob himself.WOW!! i couldn’t believe that mj in a sense plagerized his moves, but i kept looking into it more and more. Mj and Liza were great friends, and liza was choreographed by mosse several times in her life (“All that Jazz”), so,i am guessing, he probebly was curious about her dancing and familiarized himself with fosse’s work. i am only sad to see that mj said he was inspired by alot of people, but never even mentioned fosse. too bad for michael:(

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