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Thank you Jay 0

Thank you Jay

Cheers Jay i think thanks to you i now have me old b2evo feeds pointing to my nice new feedburner feeds! RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner RewriteCond %{Query_String} ^tempskin=_rss2 RewriteRule .* [R,L] The...




Congratulations, you’re the new owner of ShadiSoft Software, the latest software development house to go have gone bust when their exciting new MMORPG failed to catch the public’s attention! With a full staff of programmers, designers and artists to obey your every whim, it’s your job to reverse the company’s fortunes and become the most popular MMORPG on the block!


Great game lets hope it gets more features and the limit of 10,000 subscribers is removed