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Chuckle Brothers in Iraq 0

Chuckle Brothers in Iraq

14 October 2008
The Chuckle Brothers on deployment in Iraq

chuckle brothersThe Chuckle Brothers on deployment in Iraq

Al Basrah, Iraq – Inspired by the success of the award winning series Ross Kemp in Afghanistan Sky One today admitted the commissioning of a new series Chuckle Brothers in Iraq.

The series follows the exploits of Yorkshire-born Barry and Paul Elliot, better known as the “Chuckle Brothers”; the children’s television favourites of BBC’s Chuckle vision as they join the 2nd Battalion ‘The Poachers’ of The Royal Anglian Regiment on their deployment with the 7th Armoured Division in the Southern Al Basrah province of Iraq.

Barry (the thinner, older one) said of the show “we were dead keen to do it; we wanted to show the world that we were quite hard when we wanted to be”.

Filming is well under way with the comedy brothers already getting up to some brave but hilarious mishaps, as an MoD Spokesperson confirmed “the Chuckle Brothers have certainly made us all laugh, with their characteristic ‘To me, to you’ and ‘Oh dear, oh dear’ catchphrases whilst on operations”, but he added seriously “there’s no finer soldiers I’d choose to serve with, Barry is a dab-hand on the GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) and Paul just loves working with explosives, they are an awesome band of ‘chuckle’ brothers”.

The brother’s exploits have not gone unnoticed in dispatches; Barry has been dubbed the “Insurgent killer” with an estimated 12 kills to his name, each one etched onto his forearm with his combat knife. Whilst Paul has been commended for his laying down of lethally accurate mortar fire.

The series is scheduled to be broadcast early in 2009; Sky One has yet to confirm rumours that they have already commissioned the series Ant and Dec in Pyongyang, “just in case it kicks off over there”.

by The Real Whippet