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Holy Cow

Could Chilli, the 6ft 6in Friesian bullock, be Britain’s tallest bovine?
6ft 6inch cow – Chilli

Chard CHARD Chilli, a Friesian bullock who puts the rest of his herd in the shade, is expected to be recognised officially as Britain’s tallest bovine.

He is 6ft 6in tall at the shoulder and weighs well over a tonne. A typical adult Friesian weighs 0.65 tonnes and is 5ft high.

Chilli, above, is lucky to be alive, having been abandoned when he was a few days old. He and his twin sister, Jubilee, were dumped at an animal sanctuary in Somerset nine years ago and raised by hand. Only his twin, who is 6ft at the shoulder, can look him straight in the eye.

Despite his giant stature, Chilli does not have a special diet and eats grass, with the occasional swede as a treat.

Naomi Clarke, the manager of the Ferne Animal Sanctuary, said: “For some reason a farmer decided he didn’t want Chilli and Jubilee, so dumped them with three others on our doorstep nine years ago.

“He was only six days old and didn’t look that big but as the years passed we noticed he was getting rather tall. We have made an application to Guinness World Records and we are quite confident he will get it.”

She added: “We don’t know what has made him so tall. He doesn’t eat that much. Chilli’s feet and head are in proportion; he is just very large.

“He is a very friendly and gentle animal so we hope he manages to break the record — he deserves it.”