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Poor Diddy is forced to fly First Class American Airlines because the price of gas is too high for him to fuel his own private jet!!!! I blame all you pirates out there!!!!!


“Gas prices are too motherfucking high. As you know, I do own my own jet but I have been havin’ to fly back and forth to LA to pursue my acting career. OK, now, if I’m flying back and forth, like, twice in a month that’s like 200,000, 250,000 round trip. Fuck that. I’m back on American Airlines right now. OK? Check this out. Your boy Diddy right now is on American Airlines. Look. Gas prices are too motherfuckin’ high.”

“Look, I’m at the gate right now. This is really happening. This is proof that gas prices are too high, we need to do something about it, so tell whoever the next president is that we need to bring gas back down.”