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The Ray Summers Band – Boots N Cats

Hailing from Scotland The Ray Summers band came together in the beginning of 2008. They are going on a UK tour right now! So try and catch them soon as they will be famous this time next year!!

The band are:

Andy Ure (vocals)
Andrew Douglas (guitar)
David Horne (guitar/keyboards/vocals)
Chris Jackson (guitar)
Billy Kay (bass/vocals)
Lee Burgoyne (drums)

This upbeat tune was nabbed from myspace and uploaded to youtube, It is from a Studio recording that may or may not be released next year.

Head over to their myspace site to find out more information.
I expect i’ll be finding more tunes of theirs to put on youtube soon!

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Tom Leppard the Leopard man retires!

Tom Leppard

The Leopard Man - The most popular videos are a click away

After 20 years of living wild on a remote part of the isle of skye in Scotland, Tom Leppard has retired!

Aged 73 Tom no longer wished to complete his kayak trip on the Kyles of Lochalsh as he was only “one big wave away from disaster”.

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He now lives in Broadford, on the Isle Of Skye, which is the 2nd largest town on Skye, in a standard terraced house.

Broadford, Isle of Skye

He used to live in a shack with no running water, no electricity, dirt floors and cooked on a camping stove.

“I was in the armed forces for 28 years, and I enjoyed the solitary activities, such as parachute jumping, sailing and canoeing. I made the decision 20 years ago that I wanted to escape the city, which I hated, and to live alone in the highlands of Scotland. I have never been lonely since.”

Strangely enough Tom didn’t get a single tattoo whilst in the military service. He changed his name to “Mr Tom Leppard” from “Tom Woodbridge” and chose to get spots tattooed, not because of any particular interest in cats, but because they were easy for a tattoo artist to do. He earned money from appearances.

“I would get an income from being the most tattooed man in the world, and would be photographed for the Guinness Book of Records, or featured on TV. I had a spare set of dentures, shaped like fangs, that I’d put in for the publicity shots. But it was a necessary evil to supplement my income support, or latterly my pension. It’s not something I enjoyed.”

Tom Leppard, MonkeyReview Salutes you!

Tom Leppard